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How Do You Make Nitor?

This wiki says "1 glowstone", when I throw some into a crucible, the bubbles change colour and nothing else happens. I throw a bunch in, some purple cloud floats up into the air. I throw even more in, flux goo pours out. How the hell do you make Nitor?

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You need to add other objects first,  to provide the listed essentia.  (Note that the "Research Aspects" listed are not the essentia -- I just removed them because they were confusing.)  See Crucible for the general issues and Crucible Recipes for particular recipes (you also need to have researched whatever recipe you want to use).  For Nitor, you can do it easily with 3 coal or charcoal, and 6 torches, for each 2 pieces of glowstone. 

It'd be great if this wiki could be more specific with its descriptions. It simply said to throw them in.

I did update the page, but in fact, this wiki is in the process of getting folded into the more active Thaumcraft 4 Wiki (with space).


I don't enjoy Thaumcraft much. Even though I do play Crackpack and Thaumcraft is definitely present, I can't see anything beneficial that you can get from it. All I see it as is you getting stuff and working your ass off to build things to find MORE of that stuff, to get stuff to get rid of the thing the mod brough IN THE FIRST PLACE (taint). Plus, learning how to DO those things can make weird shit happen (forbidden knowledge). It's all a waste of time. I have no idea what you're supposed to gain. Meanwhile, in every single other mod, you get benefits from the start. Ars Magica? Sick spells. Tinker's Construct? Sick weapons. Blood Magic? Sick utilities. The list goes on. What does Thaumcraft actually DO to help you in ANY WAY? Other than helping get rid of taint, of course...


Thaumcraft is actually meant to be a "primary" mod of a world, and is balanced against itself, with a progression system.  It is not meant to be an industrial mod, and works on a much lower power level than the industrial mods, and throwing it into a massive modpack is really kind of silly.   That said, there are other mods it works well with:  Offhand, Botania and Blood Magic specifically link with it.  Twilight Forest and Mystcraft also work passibly well with it, though both of them step on Thaumcraft's materials balance (notably easier gold and diamonds), while Thaumcraft steps on their power balance (flight, mining, equipment).

Off hand, I'd consider the high-points of Thaumcraft to be:  Controllable flight, the Boots of the Traveller (seriously, those things will spoil you), controlled enchanting (including self-repairing tools) the Bow of Bone, Golems, fairly good armor early (with Runic Shielding and better armor later on), and the other Special Tools providing short-range ore detection, sweep attack/missile defense/limited flight, treecapacitation, and enhanced digging/building.  While I haven't gotten to the Outer Lands myself, those are supposed to be a pretty tough endgame.

Oh yeah, and wands/staves.  The advanced staves provide one tool that does at least 5 kinds of ranged attack, several utility functions (see/escape through walls, ranged mining, block replacement), powers the shields and repair, and even serves as a backup melee weapon. 


The golems seem like the only thing that other mods in the Crackpack don't seem to offer. 


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