The Arcane Bore is Thaumcraft's option for automated mining.

The Bore consists of two blocks:  the base, created on the Arcane Workbench, and the bore proper, which requires Infusion.  After placing them in the world, they also need various other items inserted or placed:

  • A pickaxe of any kind.  This will be used down to 1 durability.  The enchantments of the pickaxe will affect the bore's speed and behavior (native clusters, Fortune, Silk Touch).  If the Bore is supplied with fuel, a pickaxe with Repair will be able to repair itself in the bore.  A void pickaxe will always be able to repair itself.
  • An excavation focus.  As with the pickaxe, the upgrades of the focus will affect the bores behavior, and in particular Potency will expand the size of the bore tunnel.
  • An optional chest or other inventory can be attached to the base.  If there is no chest or it fills up (only one block of a double-chest is filled), the base will dump items into the world.
  • A pipe can be added to feed in Perditio essentia.  Alternatively, the bore can be fueled with centivis.  Without fuel, the bore will dig much more slowly.
  • A lever or other source for redstone power.

Once placed, the bore can be pointed in any direction except toward its base.  It will dig as long as it has redstone power, and the pick inside has at least 2 durability.  The result is a circular tunnel centered on the bore, sized according to the Potency level of the focus used. Given enough time and fuel, the tunnel can extend essentially to chunk-loading range.

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