Thaumcraft adds two new enchantments, which can only be applied to items introduced by Thaumcraft, including even basic Thaumium tools, armor and weapons.

Thaumcraft's enchantments can be added to an item with a vanilla enchantment table, with an enchanted book and the anvil, or through Infusion Enchanting.

List of Enchantments Edit

  • Repair allows equipment to regenerate its durability over time.  The item does need to be worn or at least in the hotbar, and the process costs vis which must be supplied from a carried wand or similar source.  Note that Repair is incompatible with Unbreaking, and cannot be added to an item which already has Unbreaking (or vice versa).
  • Haste can only be applied to boots, or to the Thaumostatic Harness.  For boots, walking, running, and swimming speed is affected, while for the Harness only flying speed is increased.
  • Runic Augumentation is not exactly an enchantment, but is another way (separate research topic) to enhance equipment at the Infusion Altar.  It does not cost experience levels, but it has a steadily increasing material cost, and a rapidly increasing essentia cost.


  • Before version 4.2.3, there were bugs that allowed Repair and unbreaking to be combined, either through luck at the enchanting table, or combining two items at the anvil.  This is no longer possible.
  • There used to be several special enchantments for Wand Focii (Potency, Frugal, Treasure) but these were replaced by the Focal Manipulator.