An essentia buffer is an alchemical component used to help store and sort essentia in passage.

A buffer can hold up to 8 points of essentia, in any combination of aspects.  By default, they have 0 suction themselves.  They can pass essentia to any matching or untyped suction, but do not transmit the suction to their other connections.  If a buffer is broken, any essentia in it is silently lost.

However, one or more bellows can be attached to them, each of which adds 32 suction.  They have 6 attachment points, each of which can be used for a bellows, or a connection to another component.  each bellows block can be individually turned off by applying redstone power.

If a buffer has bellows attached to it, any (other) connections can be configured by shift-right-clicking with a wand.  The connection can be left as normal (full suction), marked "black" (0 suction), or marked 'red" (1 suction).

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