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Bucket Duplication Edit

Q: When I try to fill the crucible with a bucket of water, I get back a water bucket and a normal bucket, duplicating the bucket. What's going on?

A: You are using Cauldron. This is a well-known bug with Cauldron, and until they fix it, you can either live with it, or switch your mods over to Forge.

Research Loss Edit

Q: All my research disappeared! And all compound aspects are showing as question marks! A: This is a stubborn bug in Thaumcraft 4. Your research data (and warp levels) are stored in a file in your playerdata folder (within your world's savegame folder), named "<playername>.thaum". There is also an automatic backup file named "<playername>.thaumback", from which you may be able to recover the data.

  1. If you have not yet exited the game, don't do so yet! (If you already exited the game, you can still try this, but it's less likely to work.) Switch to another window and open a file manager or command line to open your playerdata folder. Make a backup file of your savegame folder (just on principle), then copy the <playername>..thaumback file over the <playername>..thaum file. Then you can exit the game, and then reload it to see if your research and aspects are back. If not...
  2. Hopefully, you have been keeping one or more backups of your saved game (or your operating system may have been doing so for you). If so, try to copy in either of the files (always replacing the <playername>.thaum file) from a backup made before your research vanished.
  3. If you have no backups, it's time to cheat the research back in. Switch to creative mode if you can, otherwise open the game to LAN and enable cheats. Start by typing "/tc help" to learn the necessary commands, then use the /tc subcommands to give yourself the appropriate amounts of research points and warp.
  4. If you weren't making backups, perhaps you should start -- just copy the entire savegame folder (or make a .ZIP file of it) every so often, especially after major achievements or heavy research.

Crash When Placing/Using Item and Enchanted Book in Anvil Edit

This is probably a conflict between enchantment IDs on the server and in the client. Check Thaumcraft.conf on both ends and make sure that the IDs for enchantments are the same on both ends.

My world crashed when I surrounded an Amber Block on all sides! Edit

This is a known bug in, which will hopefully be fixed in a future patch.  You need to go edit out the block with a world-edit tool such as MCEdit.

My Golem Isn't Working! Edit

There are several steps to try for debugging golem behavior, see the Golems page for more details:

  1. If using a modpack, check the configuration file, particularly the setting: "I:golem_delay=".  The number after that should be 20 or less.  The default is 5, but at least one modpack is setting it to 60, which can cause problems.
  2. Try to change the type of golem used -- each type has slightly different behavior.
  3. If you have a mod that adds invisible blocks, make sure that there's nothing of the sort in the places where, say, saplings are going to be placed.  Railcraft in particular has a "residual heat" block that causes problems (it can be disabled in the Railcraft configuration).
  4. If you are not using vanilla chests, try changing the container to a chest, and see if the problem persists.
  5. Check the distance between the golem's home ring and its mark. If the range is too far, water  upgrades, and/or using an advanced golem may help.
  6. If using an Order upgrade, check that the color of the mark matches the color set in the golem's GUI.
  7. For use-core golems placing saplings, it often helps to place a sapling yourself first, mark the top of its block, and set the golem to "place on empty space".  If placing blocks such as ore, marking the front of the block (the side closest to the golem) may work better.
  8. If all else fails, try creating an instance with only thaumcraft and see if the problem is still there. If it might be an issue between mods you are using.

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