Infusion Enchanting is a single research topic which allows a very powerful use of the Infusion Altar:  Tools and armor can be controllably enchanted with any available enchantment.  The costs are generally quite reasonable:  Unlike the anvil, experience (and material) costs are fixed regardless of prior enchantments, and are always under 16 levels per infusion.  Thus, "cheap levels" can be used for all enchantments, especially if a Brain in a Jar is used to "top off" the player's levels as needed. 

The primary restrictions are:

  • The player must at least research the Brain in a Jar (taking some warp), as well as Infusion. to unlock the research topic.
  • Each level of enchantment requires a separate infusion.
  • Only Thaumcraft-special items (and not all of those) can be enchanted with Repair.
  • The essentia costs do go up slightly with prior enchants, but only about 10% per level of existing enchantment.
  • Enchantments provided by other mods will not be available, unless that mod specifically provides a recipe for the enchantment.
  • A few enchantments require moderately-expensive essentia (notably Fabrico for Repair) or materials (nether quartz for Thorns, diamonds for Looting/Fortune, an anvil for Repair).