NBT Tags are for NBTedit NBTexplorer and The NBTedit mod and basically allow you to cheat

Discoveries and Research Edit

Basic Layout Count: maximum is 1

Slot: Space in you inventory it is located

Damage: 0 for Research and 64 for Discoveries

id: 25256

tag compound: tag

color: number representing color
key: look under the keys section of this page


Keys are the nbt tags of different discoveries

  • FOCUSSHOCK = Wand Focus: Shock
  • LEVITATOR = Arcane Levitator
  • BELLOWS = Arcane Bellows
  • HUNGRYCHEST = Hungry Chest
  • ALUMENTUM = Alumentum
  • NITOR = Nitor
  • INFERNALFURNACE = Infernal Furnace
  • FOCUSEXCAVATION = Wand Fucus: Excavation
  • ARCANEEAR = Arcane Ear