Runic shielding is a powerful protective system, where certain equipment gives a magical shield which absorbs damage of all sorts before it affects the player.  Several items are dedicated to providing runic shields, and others can be enhanced to contribute to it. 


Each item which provides shielding has a specific strength which it contributes to a common pool, which becomes the maximum strength of the shield.   The shield strength is reduced as it absorbs damage, but can then recover over time. However, this recovery costs vis, from carried wands or worn vis-storage amulets.  If no vis is available, the shields will not recharge.  The shields consume Aer and Terra vis, and running out of either aspect will stop shield recovery.

In the player display, shielding is indicated by a glowing overlay over the health bar, which shrinks as the shield is depleted.  Regardless of the number or strength of items in use, a "full runic bar" (covering the entire health bar) indicates the shield is at maximum strength for the current equipment. 


The primary source of runic shielding is several dedicated objects which are worn in the Baubles slots.  Each provides a characteristic strength toward the shield, and some also provide other special behaviors.  Aside from one "trinket" found in treasure chests, all these items are fairly advanced infusions.  Note that there are also non-runic baubles, which "compete" for their slots with the runic items.

It is also possible to apply "Runic Augumentation" to baubles or armor pieces to give or increase their runic strength.  This is another advanced infusion; it adds one point of strength per infusion, but the costs increase rapidly depending on the current strength of the item (so while the standard runic baubles can be further augumented, this will be very expensive):

  • The first level of runic shielding costs 32 Potentia, and 16 apiece Praecantatio and Tutamen essentia, and the amounts needed double for each runic level the item already has. 
  • The infusion's instability increases by 1.0 for each level of current strength.
  • One Salis Mundus is required for the first level given, plus another for each current level.
  • As well, a diamond is needed for each infusion.

Equipment List Edit

Generally, the first runic item a player will encounter will be the "trinket" Ring of Protection +1.  This provides only a single point of shielding, but two can be worn at once. 

When the "basic" topic for Runic Baubles is researched, three more items can be created: a ring, amulet, and belt which each provide considerable strength. 

With various secondary researches, these can be modified to grant additional abilities (at slight cost to runic strength).  Most of these take effect when the shield is reduced to 0, a.k.a. "breached"; when a breach effect is triggered, there will be a time delay before it can be triggered again.

Items providing runic shields


Ring of Protection +1 A "trinket" found in loot chests
Ring of Runic Shielding +5 Can wear two rings of any type
Amulet of Runic Shielding +8 Competes with vis-storage amulets
Girdle of Runic Shielding +10 Competes with Thaumostatic Girdle
Amulet of Emergency Shielding +7 Recovers partial strength on breach
Charged Ring of Shielding +4 Faster shield recovery, +25% per ring
Revitalizing Ring of Shielding +4 Regeneration on breach
Kinetic Girdle of Runic Shielding +9 On breach, a blast knocks mobs away and damages them