The Shovel of the Earthmover is one of Thaumcraft's "elemental tools", offering both 3×3 digging and "undigging.

When used to dig appropriate blocks, the shovel will dig a 3×3 section, perpendicular to the block side it was used on.  The dropped blocks will also be automatically collected, much like the Axe of the Stream.

The shovel can also be used to "undig": When right-clicked on a block it can "undig" blocks of the same type (which need not be diggable) to form a 3×3 section. These will be placed against the surface; if used unwisely, a player can suffocate themselves.  The blocks can be placed vertically or horizontally, with a configurable key used to choose.  Naturally, the user must have the proper blocks in their inventory.

When shift is pressed, both of the shovel's special features are suppressed (so as do dig normally), but the shovel with highlight the blocks that would be placed by a normal right-click.


Before 4.2, the Shovel of the Earthmover had a more powerful undigging mechanic, where blocks would be placed to fill out a 3×3 section in line with the block that was right-clicked.  This allowed easily extending walls, floors, or ceilings without having to get "out on front" of the advancing wall.

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