• Update obsolete info (mostly done)
  • Fix up categorizations and linking (mostly done)
  • Forking remaining "roundup pages" into separate pages, then trimming the original page down to summaries.
  • FAQs (swipe heavily from forums)
  • Eldritch info
  • The Items page from Gamepedia still has some information that can be extracted.
  • Pages marked as stubs deserve some work. To add articles to this category, edit the source and add {{stub}} to the top of the page.
  • Images of items that can be crafted in TC and the components they are crafted from are welcome. Especially ones that are 32x32 pixels and named like "C_full_item_name_32.png". Examples: c_stick_32.png (vanilla stick), c_iron_cap_32.png (iron wand cap), c_iron_capped_wooden_wand_32.png (a wand created from two iron caps and a stick). These examples all have been uploaded already - please check for existing files before creating/uploading new ones.

A relatively low-priority point, is making sure we have redirects to or from natural capitalizations and pluralizations.  (The wiki's default for searches and such seems to be sentence case, but we've been making a number of all-capitalized links.)  Anytime someone finds a page whose title isn't sentence case, we should probably move+redirect it to sentence case.  Similarly for plurals, but without the wiki noodging us:  So far, we've mostly got roundup pages in plural, and (contra Gamepedia)  things like shards and manabeans seem naturally plural.  I'd say those should stay, but otherwise try to use singulars, and either way add redirects as seem appropriate. --MentalMouse42 (talk) 10:47, March 20, 2015 (UTC)